A new semester

Today starts another new term. I’m strangely not having the first-day-of-class jitters that I normally have. I wish I could attribute that to being exceptionally well-prepared, but in all honesty, that’s not me. I have four classes this term: 2 sections of Evolution and 2 of Cell Biology.  I’ve taught both courses before, so I feel fairly confident about that.

For some reason, I seem to get 8 AM classes.  I am NOT a morning person.  My first class was this morning–I managed!  We didn’t get into content yet, so it was an easy start.  I have only one more class today.

It also helps significantly that I have a new office, freshly cleaned and painted and I love what it looks like now.  I am planning to do a before-and-after tour on YouTube!  The new office space makes me feel relaxed and comfortable and like I finally really belong in my department, and it’s a wonderful thing.

I am happy.  It’s a weird feeling, but I’m adjusting.

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