Yaris Owners

2007 YarisYaris owners are strange people. Yesterday, around Appomatox, VA, I was driving home from visiting my parents and this little Bayou blue (and yeah, that’s what’s in the picture).  Toyota Yaris liftback honks lightly and pulls up next to me. I beamed and waved excitedly. It wasn’t someone hitting on me, it was a greeting between two awesome identical cars! 😀 Many of us little Yaris owners are rabidly loyal. Hey, the car is FUN, and FUEL-EFFICIENT. Um, 51 mpg highway efficient. Non hybrid.

In other news,
HAPPY 2010! May it be a fiscally stable year for you and yours. I heard that some were saying “Good riddance” to 2009; I can’t quite go that far, since that year brought me a job I really enjoy, but I’m ready for a new start. yes, I have resolutions. I will share one: to better manage my time, so that I have more energy to manage my mental and physical health. Anyone else?

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