When a chair is not just a chair…

Last weekend I finally caved to necessity and bought a new chair for working at my computer at home (which in no way explains  why I’m sitting on the couch right now…). I’ve had my eye on this chair for a while now at Office Depot.  I found it comfortable in the store and I liked the look. It was also on sale, at 50% off, which may have been the deciding factor.

Katarina Managers Chair

But the chair, I found, became more. Once I assembled it, it became a symbol.  it’s the first piece of furniture I’ve purchased for myself by means other than financial aid. It’s the first piece where style and comfort were more important than price point. I absolutely love my new chair.  It is a realization that I am an adult, I’m not a student anymore, and it’s okay to choose and buy things that I like with my income. It also made me realize how much of my furniture is hand-me-down (which is okay; some of it I love).  Most of those pieces are not things that I chose so much as stuff that serves a function that I inherited or acquired for little or no cost. It doesn’t reflect me or my style in any way.

But my new chair? Right now, it fits. Right now, it’s me.

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