Time for a reboot

Welcome to my new site!  I finally decided to change how I was handling my websites and migrated domains and hosting.

I’ve spent several months thinking about what I wanted to do with my blog and I really have three main “hobbies” that I am likely to write about: scientific research, cooking, and my addiction to subscription beauty sample boxes.  Of course, there are other aspects of my life: my cats, my family and friends, my work, normal life stuff.

I chose the name because I really loved the little lab mice I worked with, and a large part of my new blog will be science-oriented.  They won’t all be about lab mice, but that’s okay.

I do hope you find interesting and/or fun topics here!

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  1. wow, where do you find time to do this?

    looks like i am going to get into the mouse poop business. collaborative study with sanford and johnson (chair of gastroenterology). interested on how sleep fragmentation effects microbiota and how that change influences brain chemistry and behavior. never thought i would go there
    hope you are surviving your gall bladder.

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