The Sephora Makeover

Yesterday, I went to Sephora to get some slightly more professional makeup help.  It was part of my New Year’s Resolutions.  Because I’m requiring myself to demonstrate that I did this, I have photos and lists.

So, this whole beauty thing was really born out of my coworkers making such a huge deal out of my hair and makeup on the Friday before New Year’s.  It made me think most of the rest of the time I look like a slob.

The closest Sephora store is in Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia Beach.  I asked a coworker who has been there, and she thought they opened at 9:00 AM.  I was there at 9:30 AM on a SATURDAY.  This is not something I would normally do.  I went with my hair pulled back (ok, that’s normal) and without makeup on (semi-normal), not even sunscreen or moisturizer (ABNORMAL).

I had the makeup artist take before and after pics.

Well, there you have it.  No, they’re not perfectly matched (I’m not at work, thanks).

So what was used to achieve this gorgeousness?

  1. First, she blotted my face with a Shiseido toner. It looked and smelled a lot like the Neutrogena toner… and felt like it, too.  I honestly couldn’t tell a difference.
  2. Next, she applied a Shiseido moisturizer.  This stuff looked frighteningly expensive and looked like ground pearls.  It was surprisingly light-weight feeling, but was pretty intensive moisturizing.  I have dry skin.
  3. We patch tested a couple foundation colours from Makeup For Ever HD.  I ended up at #117, which vanished into my skin.  I have yellow undertones??!?!  She first applied lightly with her fingertips, then touched up some areas (undereye) with a brush.
  4. She then applied their microfinish powder.
  5. Next, she dusted some NARS blush in Orgasm (seriously) on my cheeks (it really felt like just under my cheekbones).
  6. Finally, she spritzed me with Urban Decay’s All-Nighter setting spray.

What did I buy?

Well, I did my first “haul” video…

What do I think?

I think it’s pretty nice.  It’s me, just a cleaned-up version.  I also think that after an hour or so my face started to ITCH and my eyes burned.  And I have no clue what irritated it… so I’m going to call and ask them what I should do next.  I haven’t opened anything I bought and I have the receipt, so I should be able to exchange, right???




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  1. You can return or exchange anything you like a Sephora! They have great customer service….Anddd I love the makeover photos and the details of what they did! I think it’s really Neat that you’re tracking all of your resolutions and steps!

    PS… I think it’s great that your cat gets extra pets!

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