Photo of the Week: Week 17 (Rescued Baby Starling)

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So, driving home from my last final exam for the Spring 2012 term, I nearly ran over this little baby bird in the middle of the road. I could see it get tossed wildly as no less than 5 vehicles (2 giant SUVs) passed over the little thing. From the way it flopped, I was terrified that it had been injured and had a broken wing! I pulled over immediately and caught the little bird. Photos above, video below. It didn’t seem to be injured and it was pretty darned cute! I had no idea what kind of bird it was at first, but it looks like a baby starling… and that’s what the Virginia Beach SPCA suggested it might be. I dropped the little birdlet off with a wildlife rescue/rehab bird specialist in Virginia Beach maybe an hour and a half after rescuing it from certain death-by-traffic. Unfortunately, I’ll never know if it survived its ordeal (I think it was in shock) or grew up to be a healthy happy bird–the rescuer apparently wants nothing to do with humans and says she’s too busy to update us on our finds. That’s understandable, if disappointing. So, of course, this was my photo of the week!
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  1. OMG. Adorable little bird! So glad you rescued him! Hope he survives to grow up to be a happy healthy bird with no traffic excursions in his future!! 🙂

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