Rachel Ray’s Nutrish for Cats: A review

I received a bag of the Rachel Ray Nutrish for Cats (chicken and potato flavor) free for testing purposes from Influenster.  The bag advertised that the product was grain-free, which I honestly hadn’t really worried about with my other pet foods.  The instructions on the bag stated to start mixing the food with the existing food at about a 75% old : 25% new ratio so that it didn’t upset their digestive systems. Since I was running low on my existing cat foods, I figured it was a good time to try it out.

I currently have 4 cats: 2 of them are over the age of 12, and the other two are 3 or younger.

Three of the four cats did not eat it at first.  Two of them ate around the new Nutrish food, while the third cat went on a two-day hunger strike and refused to touch anything that had been in contact with the new food.  However, they did adjust to the new food over the course of a few (more) days, but there was considerably less enthusiasm at feeding time.

My kitties took about 2 weeks to finish off the bag of food that was provided.  During that time, I did notice some changes in the smell of the cat poop (ew) that were not particularly pleasant, but that was most notable during the transition period.

As we neared the end of the bag, I began mixing it again to transition them back to their regular food.  Again, they strongly preferred their other food to the Nutrish and ate around the Nutrish.  Because this happened both transitioning on and off the food, it’s quite apparent that it wasn’t just because one was “new.”

Mickey has adopted the #Nutrish box free from @influenster for testing purposes!

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Only Mickey (above) showed no issues with eating the new food and gobbled it up without hesitation. She also liked to sleep on the box. I suspect she actually ate most of the food out of that bag.  My other kitties didn’t starve themselves, but it was obvious that they did not enjoy it.

I appreciate the opportunity to test the product, but I’m sticking with their other food (one is formulated for older cats; the other for younger cats).  Thanks, Influenster, for allowing me to test and review the product!

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  1. Even pets can have a preference! At least you gave it a fair shot and can safely say their old food is their favorite. Maybe they like the grains!

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