Loss and New Beginnings

I’ve had my poor little blog for less than two weeks, and I lost my database entries–which means all my posts. And some of them I rather liked. So I am having to start from scratch, which I am less than thrilled about. However, my host, FatCow, has the BEST tech support I could ever dream of. My site had been rolled back within 5 minutes of the request. Unfortunately, the SQL database that stores the actual posts did not have a backup.

So, what things had I blogged about before now? General intro, which I will now have to re-create (and I hate trying to write short descriptions of myself), how we weathered the November 2009 Nor’Easter, Thanksgiving, gratitude, and simplicity. I will generally TRY to reincorporate the things I’ve lost, but I am NOT going to try to rewrite those particular posts; it’s a zen thing.

I didn’t notice the world ending, or anything exploding, and it made me very quickly get a plugin to back up that database! Another post coming tonight that is totally unrelated. This morning. Whatever.

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