Lessons from good cookware

A while back my parents got me a set of GREAT cookware for my Ph.D. graduation. These were my ultimate, dream-kitchen pots and pans. ScanPans and I am completely, totally in awe. Nothing sticks. Given that I wanted them to last the rest of my life, I read the instructions for care. Much to my surprise, they said NOT to use non-stick cooking spray, as it would damage the finish. Huh? It’s not the oil that is damaging, but the propellants! At this point, I made a side-trip to Williams-Sonoma to pick up two oil misters and threw out all my nonstick cooking spray. For my birthday, my parents got me a new indoor grill. Although it says to use nonstick spray, logic dictates that it would damage less-expensive nonstick coatings (read as teflon or whatever) as well. No wonder none of my inexpensive cookware lasted! So I’m trying an experiment. I’m not buying nonstick cooking spray; I don’t want to have it around as a temptation. Therefore I won’t be using it anymore. I suspect my new grill will last a very long time like that.

I also tossed any metallic spatulas or cooking instruments and went with bamboo-it’s renewable and dishwasher-safe! YES!

Tonight we used the new grill for the first time. It’s quite non-stick on its own, as it was difficult to turn the hamburgers (they kept sliding away), but oh, darn, what a horrible fate. Cleanup was pretty straightforward. Sponges and soapy water. Now, if only they had coated the UNDERSIDE of the grill with the nonstick coating… it still wasn’t difficult to clean.

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