Insomnia and thanks

I don’t exactly have insomnia.  What I do currently have is an annoying inability to fall asleep before 3am.  I’ve tried OTC sleeping pills, melatonin, alcohol, and cocktails of the three, unsuccessfully.  Last night I found myself cleaning my mom’s kitchen until 3:30 am.  It’s like a weird switch in my brain that simply refuses to turn off.  I don’t know what else to do, but I’m starting to be afraid of going back to work. The night before had been up-til-3:30, sleep until 8:30, up again.  If I have to get up, I can, but if there’s no impetus I will sleep a full 9 hours.  It’s really bothering me.  Too bad, huh?

Other than that, the first half of Christmas was a lot of fun.  The second half of the day was not, and by the end of it I was seriously thinking about packing and leaving.   Both my parents were very irritable afterward.  Maybe things will be a little nicer today.  Maybe I’ll go for a walk this afternoon and take some pictures while there are still traces of snow (by trace I mean an inch or two).

I did learn something.  I am going to try to put this into practice in my everyday life.  It started with a misinterpreted comment between two very irritable people about checking mail (snail variety) but it snowballed and turned into a mountain-molehill scenario rather quickly.  I realized that if you ask someone to do something, however minor, it is important to remember to thank that person.  And mean it.  Make eye contact, say “thank you for doing X, I really appreciate it.”  It takes less than 5 seconds out of your life, and improves communication.  These days we take too many things for granted, including other people.  So I’m going to work on that one. 🙂

Okay, I’m off for a while to do other things!

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