Okay. Over this past weekend, we reset the clocks. This is nothing new in my life; every year we do it twice, for as long as I’ve been alive. But GEEZ I hate having to do it. It’s partly the hassle of having to change every single timepiece, the headache of realizing half my watches have dead batteries (and therefore getting them replaced), and NEVER feeling quite certain the clock you’re looking at has the correct time. I blessed computers when they started updating automatically—it was one less clock to reset. I inherited a peculiarity of my grandfather’s, too. My clocks MUST be synchronized to the minute. I would do the second if possible, but most of mine don’t actually indicate seconds. So I try my utmost to get it as close as possible, eyeing a computer until it clicks over :00 seconds and punching the button as fast as I can. What good does this do me? NONE. They don’t stay synchronized. It bugs the heck out of me.

The secondary, and far more compelling, issue behind resetting the clocks is that is massively screws up my circadian rhythm. This spells insta-migraine. And at least a week’s worth of exhaustion and irritability. Damn it, I’m TIRED. I just want my hour of sleep back. NOW, not in the fall! I don’t mind the fall reset quite as much initially, but it still mucks with your sleep-wake cycle.

I was unbelievably unhappy with the decision to extend Daylight Saving’s Time to “save money” in the economic downturn. The sun comes up when it comes up; it goes down when it goes down. I use electric lights when/if I need them. Lights are only a tiny fraction of my electric bill; I’ve switched to compact fluorescent in all receptacles that will take them. I’d much rather be able to reduce my HEAT and AIR CONDITIONING costs!

So, for the next few days, I will be whiny and tired. The rest of the world can just deal with it; I’m sure many feel the same way!

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