Dinner’s on

I’m doing something totally new to me for dinner. I am roasting a whole chicken, and I even stuffed it. I’m scared to death to eat the stuffing, of course, but I figure at least once in my life I should try it. I can cook it thoroughly; I have an appropriate meat thermometer and everything. I made the stuffing with homemade (stale) bread cubes (I baked a whole loaf just for that), onion, leeks, garlic, EVOO, and a garlic-herb-red pepper mix. Rather forgot the paprika at the last second, may stir that in after it comes out of the oven. Pinned the cavity closed and the wings in and started the roasting. I will, of course, post a picture when it’s done!

My First Roast Chicken
My First Roast Chicken

Um, yeah. Okay. So the cooking time in the bird said 3 to 3.5 hours, but after about 2 the meat thermometers indicated doneness. However, when carved, the chicken was most obviously NOT done; the juices were NOT clear. And I lost my temper. It’s pretty short already right now, and given the injurious nature of this experiment, it became much shorter much faster. Sigh. I did get a lovely picture before I carved. Did you know that it’s rather difficult to reassemble a carved chicken?

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