Things turned out differently than I would have predicted. This year, I went up to visit my parents for Christmas, despite having a big Nor’easter blizzard. The roads were mostly passable with the exception of their driveway, which is typical. I surprised my mother by bringing a little (18″) tabletop Christmas tree with me and I set it up overnight, as well as a few gifts.  The little strands of plastic fiber optic stuff don’t really show in the picture, but eh, good enough.

I’ve rather enjoyed being an elf this year.  I snuck into my friend’s house (I have a key) and left her gift under her tree… and didn’t tell her.  I’m so evil >:)  And then last night, I played Santa… it’s been amusing.  Maybe my holiday spirit isn’t totally dead, after all!

There’s probably still a good 2″ of snow on the ground.  This is probably my 5th white Christmas in my whole life… and I’m loving it!

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