The Breakfast Search: Revisits & Updates

Since we finished our primary search, we’ve been back to 3 places:

D’Cracked Egg (Chesapeake, VA): still great!  We ate there a couple of weeks ago.  Their normal pancakes are also really good.  The staff remembered us from our ONE prior visit.

Charlie’s Café (Norfolk, VA): very disappointed.  My omelet had asparagus and feta, and the asparagus was undercooked, full-length spears.  It was so oily I had about 3 Tbsp of oil in my plate.  Largely inedible.  Ric’s wasn’t as good either.

Shelton’s Big Grill (Virginia Beach, VA): still great!  We had lunch there last weekend (July 19) and the food was great.  The owner and the waitress both remembered us from our ONE prior visit as well.

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