The Breakfast Search, Part 6

Are we really up to 6 weeks’ worth of restaurants?   It’s starting to feel like a lot of work.  Today we went out to Chesapeake to try D’ Cracked Egg.  Ric had heard good things about it from his coworkers and it was his turn to pick the restaurant!  We do have a limit to how far we’re willing to go for breakfast–we have to be able to drive there in about 20 minutes.  I am not a patient morning person.  Just ask anyone.

There were a few tables filled, but there was plenty of space and it wasn’t crowded or noisy.  The restaurant itself was small, but clean and bright.  The coffee was good.  That’s usually a reasonable start to things.

He ordered the breakfast combo, with scrambled eggs, toast, link sausage, and hash browns.  They were quite willing to substitute the hash browns for grits–and that’s good; I’ve never seen Ric eat grits!

I opted for their sweet potato pancake combo, which came with two eggs, bacon, grits, and three large sweet potato pancakes…

It was a LOT of food, but the portion sizes were actually more reasonable than most of the places we’ve been.   The sweet potato pancakes smelled absolutely amazing and tasted as good as they smelled–but there were three of them!  I think I only ate about half.  My eggs were cooked perfectly (I like over-medium).  Ric said his were too, and so were his hash browns; the sausage was very good, and the toast was done on the grill, not in a toaster.   My grits were absolutely drowning in butter (which you can see, and it even sloshed on my leg), but that was pretty minor.

Overall, everything was great–the service and the food–and we’re definitely putting this way up on our list!  It’s kind of tied for 2nd with last week’s breakfast.

dCrackedEggCheckPrice-wise, this came out lower than expected, too, at $21.71.  My meal was $9.99 and was one of the most expensive options on the menu.  But, sweet potato pancakes!

I think it’s safe to say we’ll go back!



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