The Breakfast Search, Part 5

Today is the 4th week we’ve managed to go out hunting for a good breakfast spot in Hampton Roads.  We tried Charlie’s Café on Granby Street.  The weather was lovely, so we actually sat outside (which is pretty much just the sidewalk on a fairly busy street).  It was really pleasant.

The coffee was Folgers, nothing special, but drinkable.CharliesCafe

Ric ordered the usual: scrambled eggs with cheese, sausage (patties), pancakes.

I ordered the Café Cristo omelet (I think that was the name), with turkey, onions, tomatoes, and swiss.  I opted for a biscuit as one of my sides and the homemade applesauce as my other side.  While the applesauce was quite good, the biscuit had a chewy texture that made me think it had been frozen.  The omelet was extremely fluffy and I couldn’t eat the whole thing!  The pancakes were okay–they were very pretty and smelled good but were more bland than I expected from the smell.

Overall, breakfast ran $22.57.  It was definitely the most pleasant breakfast experience that we’ve had so far, and we want to come back (already).



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