The Breakfast Search, part 4

I know I’ll have to retro-post part 3.  I’ll do that next, I promise.

This weekend, we tried the BelAire Pancake House on E Little Creek.  It’s been there… forever, though management/ownership has changed a few times.  I haven’t eaten there since the 90s, I think… and the interior hadn’t changed much at all from what I remembered–same soft spots in the floor and the interior layout and décor matched my vague memories.  The menu was fairly extensive and featured some interesting omelet options… though I’m permanently steering clear of feta-and-French-fry options.   I was not in the mood for a protein-heavy breakfast today.

BelAire Pancake House
BelAire Pancake House

So, I ordered the Paradise Waffle, which came with strawberries, bananas, and whipped cream.  The strawberries were clearly frozen and then thawed.  I actually appreciated that–most places just glop pie filling on.  The bananas had a weird greyish color that usually happens after refrigeration, so I suspect they were pre-sliced and refrigerated, but they had good texture and tasted fine.

The coffee was not good.  I added a French vanilla creamer to it.

Ric’s breakfast was two scrambled eggs with cheese, polish sausage, toast, and home fries.  He said most of it (except the polish sausage) was slightly undercooked.

Overall, though the food was okay, it was just that: okay.  Underwhelming.  Bland. BelAire check

The check was $22.69 before tip.

General impression: meh.  Not going to rush back, but the menu variety is intriguing enough that we’ll probably give it a second try.

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