The Breakfast Search, Part 3

Okay, this week was my choice of restaurants.  I opted for the Sandfiddler Café on Ocean View.  The online reviews were pretty good.  The décor was beachy, and most of the art on the walls was for sale (though not my taste).  It was crowded and noisy, but we didn’t have to wait for a table.

I ordered a breakfast burrito with ham, which is definitely unusual for me.  I’m not usually a burrito person, but this sounded weirdly good this morning.  I also ordered a side of pancakes, because, well, pancakes.

Sandfiddler Café Breakfast

The food was good.  The salsa in my burrito tasted like Pace Picante sauce and the pancakes tasted like they were just normal mix–nothing really special.  The syrup was just standard fake maple syrup.  I did enjoy the breakfast burrito, though! And the oranges–I ate my garnish.  They were a great complement.

Ric got scrambled eggs with cheese, hash browns, toast, bacon, and link sausage.  He was happy with his food too, overall.

At $24.45, this was on the high side for breakfast.SandfiddlerCafe Check

SandfiddlerCafe Check

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