My First Garden-Part 1

This post is for my Dad.  This is the first garden that I’ll plant and grow myself in my new home.  For part of my birthday gift, my parents let me go rather crazy with the seed catalogs… and I ordered a bunch of stuff from Burgess Seed & Plant Co.  A starter pack of vegetables and a starter pack of herbs, plus asparagus, a set of 4 dwarf fruit trees, a blueberry bush, as well as butterfly and bee flower garden sheets–all this will keep me busy for some time.  I’m sure I’m forgetting something.

I also ordered two sets of raised garden bed boxes from Amazon on the recommendation of a coworker, and one of the early start tent enclosures to go with the boxes.

Assembly of the boxes was quite easy; the sides slot together and are held in place with plastic clips.  They seem like they’ll hold up.  They can be stacked, so I actually have two stacked sets for deeper planting and two single depth beds.

Raised bed boxes and tent enclosure.

I sorted my seeds into a few groups: the things that needed an early, indoor, or hot start (which I planted this weekend), the things that would need to grow in hills, and the seeds that plant in rows.  I picked up starter trays from my local Lidl (yes, it’s a grocery store) and potting soil from Lowe’s.

The boxes have not been filled yet–that’s a project for after the Spring 2018 term ends and I have more free time to DIG.  I have a huge amount of mulch and rich, peaty composted soil/leaf matter.

As far as vegetables go, I got the tomatoes seeded, along with peas, garden beans, and mixed lettuces.

Most of the herbs went into containers; many of them (basil, thyme, oregano) will grow well in pots and even did well in the apartment I lived in before.  I also had a very limited number of starting trays, since I bought the last pack.  You work with what you have!  I started the dill in the trays, and the rosemary will need replanting later.  I killed 3 rosemary plants in my apartment, so I’m hoping the seeds start well.  It grows wonderfully here–many people have giant bushes of the stuff in their backyards, with no idea of the treasure they have.  I love the smell of rosemary.

Starter trays with peas, beans, tomatoes, mixed lettuces, bell peppers, and dill. Pots contain sweet & thai basil, thyme, oregano, and rosemary.

I decided a bit later to start the mints as well, because summertime = mojitos.  The mints went into a long planter box:

Peppermint, Spearmint, Lemon Balm

Right now, one of the recipes that I’m mentally drooling over is a lentil salad with tomato and dill that will use some of the tomatoes, dill, and basil.  Fresh herbs make all the difference on that, and it’s one of my favorite summertime recipes!  I can’t wait to make it with my own home-grown goodies.

Starting plants in the tent enclosure box