Photo of the Week: Week 46

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Another picture of Stormageddon!  He’s more photogenic than Mickey (sorry, Mickey).  And he’s growing SO fast!  This is a rare sleepy moment; mostly, it’s ZOOM!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo of the Week: Week 43

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Yes, Halloween was this week.  I know.  Stormy was being cute.  I mean, seriously, look at that!

The really sad thing was that I didn’t take Halloween pictures (of Jack-o-Lanterns, etc.) until the day after Halloween.  That makes me an idiot because none qualified for my photo for this week!


At 9:30 tonight, I heard this strange meowing sound from outside. I thought it might be JAAC (aka NotBob) and I figured he might be injured, so I went out to check. I did not find him. What I found instead was this tiny, injured, cold, scared, not-very-human-friendly kitten. I chased after it, but finally it stopped wandering near one of the neighbouring apartment buildings. I laid down on the concrete (not terribly warm) and made little kitten mewling noises at it until it came within snatching distance-which took about an hour. I fully expected to have a handful of biting, clawing, shrieking banshee-kitten on my hands, but it just went limp! So, I brought it upstairs and we fed it and… well, I think we have a new family member!

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