Not Quite Sailing

After months of cleaning and working on the boat, we decided it was time to go for a sail!

The weather was drizzly and grey, and we didn’t quite get to sail after all.  It turns out that the main ripped on our last voyage home. Very disappointed–but at least we’re not dock queens!

…AFTER Sailboat Cleaning

And here are some additional photos from after the work we did today. Please note that we are NOT done-we were rather forced to abort our efforts when my cleaning of the port-side quarter berth interrupted the sleep of some of the more wasp-ish residents. It’s a LOT better, and MUCH less biohazardous.
Did you miss the BEFORE pictures?

BEFORE Sailboat Cleaning…

This is the BEFORE gallery of images. Yes, I’m showing off my scuzzy boat. We just acquired her, and it’s going to take some time to clean up years of neglect.
She currently isn’t named, but the previous owners said she was the “Rosa Linda.”

And now, to help you feel less icky… the AFTER pictures!