A Month of Projects

Sometimes, I undertake too many things at once. I have this feeling that December is going to be a typical month of that for me. I currently find myself working on several simultaneous projects, so here’s the short list:

Adobe Generation Pro: Digital Imaging

Yes, I enrolled in another MOOC to improve my digital imaging skills.  This class is different from Digital Creativity, and it’s going to force me to learn more about Lightroom and Photoshop.  Mostly, I’m hoping this helps me make better pictures for my blog!  We’re currently in Week 3/5, so this class should wrap up this month, but the final deadline for submitting course materials is in January 2016.  Right now, I’m trying to figure out how to paint a butterfly with light and put it on my kitten’s nose (I think that’s my Week 2 assignment).

30-Day Blogging Challenge

This one began today and this is my first official post.  I keep planning and intending to write more; this gives me something to do after classes wrap up for the term and a way to help me find my blogging voice!  I have NO idea what I’m going to write about every day for 30 days.  Content will vary.  I found this group thanks to a friend online (shoutout to my friend HodgePodgePam from http://www.hodgepodgemoments.com/, who is also participating in this challenge) and anyone can join through the Facebook page.

Healthy Moments December Challenge

Speaking of my friend Pam, I’m also participating in her month-long Healthy Moments challenge!  Although this is a closed group on Facebook, one of the participants actually suggested that I blog about my challenge experience, which sounds like it might be an interesting way to go.


I’ve only got a bit less than a month left to meet some of my Resolution goals for 2015.  I have yet to win my race and beat my time; I haven’t yet run a 10-minute mile (though I’m practicing), and I’m having to adjust my goal weight.  I’m close to winning the DietBet I’m participating in, and I have to stay on track through the holidays.  Okay, in all honesty, I have to get back ON track, (slight Thanksgiving derailment) and then stay on the track.  This came across my Instagram feed a few times and I sort of jumped in blind and joined at https://www.fitgirls.com/.  I hate meal plans and my body aches.  Today is day 2/28.

Actually, many of the “challenges” that I’ve undertaken this year have been partial successes, and most have resulted in at least some changes for the better.  It’s with this introspection and reflection on my goals for the year that I continue to try to push myself toward achieving my goals.  However, I learned one very important thing in my Digital Video Production course and it also shows up in the FitGirlGuide challenge:

Progress, not Perfection.

That’s essentially going to be my mantra this month,


AGP: Digital Video Production Week 1

I’m taking another online class!  These courses are free for teachers through the Adobe Education Exchange.

This course deals with creating and editing digital videos.  In this class, we should be learning about pre-production (including script writing & development), production (shooting the video, audio, and how to do B-roll (background noise etc.).  The highlighted steps in the image below are the ones we’re focusing on for the overall course.

Screenshot from Adobe Education Exchange, AGPVID15-16wk1/section2/step5

I have previously worked with Adobe Premiere Pro from the Digital Creativity course (also offered by the Adobe Educational Exchange), so at least I’m familiar with the software we’ll be using the most.

Week 1 Assignment: Create a short video about the subject you teach.

The video should be between 10 and 30 seconds long and does not require any editing, but feel free to do so if you wish. It can be a clip shot with your phone or a professional camera, whatever is easiest. The key is to consider the content before you start shooting and upload the video to a video sharing site like Vimeo. This dos not need to be a master piece as we have not really developed the skills at this point but we would like you to try and record something that tells us a little about the subject you teach or something similar. Experiment, test and explore!


The first week was mostly overview and orientation.  It took me an embarrassingly long time to record, edit, and post this video because I was trying to figure out equipment.  I don’t own a video camera or a DSLR so all my assignments will be done with a webcam or my cell phone.  They made recommendations about equipment:

Screenshot from Adobe Education Exchange AGPVID15-16wk1/section2/step6
Screenshot from Adobe Education Exchange

My equipment? None of the above.  I should point out that at this stage, the class seems to be intended for people who teach classes in digital video (rather than Biology…).  However, I know we’ll be working on instructional video, too, which is why I’m interested in this class.

I wanted to add my textbook covers for some weird reason.  I thought that would be more interesting than just my talking head the whole time.

Yes, I know that the shelves of my bookcase look crooked–that’s one of the limitations I had working with my webcam in my office at work.  It was the best shot I could manage at the time.