New Year’s Introspection & Resolutions

2015 In Review

2015 Bests
2015 Bests

How did I do on my resolutions to rehabilitate myself post-surgery?

  • Achieve a BMI of 20: NOPE. Not even close. This year’s low was a BMI of 24. I got it out of the overweight range and lost 20 lbs, though.  This is real and measurable progress, so partial win.
  • Run a 10-minute mile: Actually, according to my Band, my best split (mile) was 9:30 but I think that might have been a glitch. However, in Oct I clocked a 10:04 mile and a 10:05 mile so it’s possible!
  • Run the Santa Claus Shuffle 5k in less than 39:52 (that was my best time in 2012): This year’s time was officially 37:18, so WIN!

2016 Resolutions

I kind of liked having just one resolution last year with a few measurable outcomes.  I sort of kept that for this year.  This year, I resolved to work on my lifestyle: how I want my life to look and feel.  Part of this developed from the unreasonable stress I had at the end of this last semester and the fact that it’s simply untenable, so I need to work on better balance (doesn’t everyone?!).  So how do I organize those thoughts and make them measurable and attainable?


  • BMI of 22.5 is measurable. I’m enrolled in another DietBet Transformer. I should achieve this by the end of June. If I am happy, great; otherwise, progress to BMI of 20.
  • Yoga: I can start with Yoga Camp. This builds on the 30 Days of Yoga I did last year. Later, when $ permits, I can take a class. This is for mental health as well as flexibility.
  • Strength: there are plenty of options out there for free. For January, I’m going to do the Fit Girls Guide workouts (just not the meal plan, because I hate meal plans).       This year, I want to COMPLETE 10/12 monthly workout plans from whatever system(s) I choose or try!
  • Cardio: This year, I’m aiming for a 5k time of 36:00 or less. Jog 3x/week as training.
  • Continue the daily 10,000 steps or 5k/day (whichever comes last) for general fitness.
  • Do not skip two days in a row!


  • Complete the Apartment Therapy January Home Cure (again)
  • Continue the weekly/monthly/quarterly schedule.       It works!
  • Finish the Fall/Winter Closet Cure and do the Spring/Summer Cure. Stick to the one-in, one-out rule (if I buy something, some equivalent item must be donated or trashed).
  • Cooking: ENJOY my food this year! Attempt ZERO eating plans (seriously).
  • Personal care: create a beauty and lifestyle routine that works for me. This will require some experimentation.


Leave work at work. Maintain as close to a 9-5 as possible given the teaching schedule needs. Grading, planning, etc. all need to be accomplished at work. Do NOT add anything to your pile this year!

Social & Financial:

Redacted.  I have goals in these areas, but they’re not for public consumption.

Happy New Year!

I’ve spent some time reflecting on the past year.  It had a few highlights and some definite lowlights; overall, it is not a year I’d care to repeat.  However, 2014 is now the past, and can safely stay there.

Resolutions and Goals

This year, I have one resolution.  That’s all.  Just one.  I resolve to rehabilitate my body following the gallbladder surgery.  I’m still recovering some, and I can’t quite jog comfortably.  I lost a lot of fitness ground during those months of pain and initial recovery from surgery.  Recovery/rehabilitation is not a quantifiable goal, however; how will I know I have accomplished this?  I am setting myself some specific and measurable outcomes to achieve this:

  • Achieve a BMI of 20.
  • Run a 10-minute mile.
  • Run the Santa Claus Shuffle 5k in less than 39:52 (that was my best time in 2012).

Aside from that, I have additional goals for this year.  These aren’t resolutions, since they may not always happen, but they are things I want to work on this next year:

  • I want to blog more.  Specifically, I want to write about more Science and achieve a better balance in my blog for the three main topics.  To this end, I am planning to have Science Fridays, Culinary Sundays, and Beautiful Wednesdays.  This should help me space things out a bit in the week.
  • I actually want to write more book reviews.  I may continue with the Birchbox Book Club for a bit, but I also plan to join the SciFri Book Club for more challenging reading!  I don’t know what these books are yet, so my immediate goal is to finish The Improbability Principle: Why Coincidences, Miracles, and Rare Events Happen Every Day by David J. Hand.
  • I want to build some savings.  I’m not going to post my financial details here, but I saw a challenge where each week you save $1 more than the week before, so this week is $1, next week is $2, the week after is $3, etc.  It’s stupidly simple, so I should be able to do this.
  • I plan to take more online courses.  First up is an Adobe Educator course:  Adobe Generation Professional: Digital Creativity that should keep me going for the first two months of the year!

Anticipated Events

I’m not good at the long-range planning in general and I don’t look forward to a whole lot.  However, this year I look forward to getting in some more research, including (hopefully) a collaborative effort with Chemistry.  I am really looking forward to the American Association of Immunology Conference in May (in New Orleans!  My first trip there!).  I am NOT looking forward to my friend moving away, but I am thrilled that new opportunities mean positive changes for her this next year!