Keeping Resolutions: March in Review

First Quarter Review

  1. Financial.  The last of the lawsuit is paid off.  That was a big accomplishment.  I’ve all but given up on the personal budget idea–it’s not working well!  NOT INCLUDING restaurants and movies (date nights), I was actually financially good for March; I managed to put some $ in savings, I spent $85 of my allowance that I can remember (See LauraMercier3 video).  Sorry about the lack of sound. The other $15 I’m sure I dribbled away on something, but that was my major purchase.  Overall, this quarter has been better than most of my YEARS in terms of fiscal responsibility.  I’m learning, if slowly, and I’m paying off debts.  I’m thrilled to knock off at least one major item.
  2. Physical: I (mostly) kept up my workout goals.  I had a couple days where I think I only got 30 minutes in, but that was my minimum.  I had about a week down with being sick (I even went to the doctor on that one).   I’m down only 10 lbs from the start of the year.  My measurements are decreasing and that’s good I suppose, but I’m frustrated and disappointed at the lack of weight change.  I’m also exhausted, and the body can do one of two things: stay up from 6am-12am (midnight) working all day WITH added calories, or crash and burn and enforce sleep.  But I can’t, apparently, keep up that pace on 1200-1500 calories.  I did earn a facial as my caloric reward for the month.  Although I earned a gym reward too, I don’t know what.  I’m not rewarding myself much there, but my honest assessment at the end of the month is that I felt like I loafed.  I did order a new chest strap for my old heart rate monitor ($10 part; better than $70 new monitor).  I increased my weights again midmonth, and I have these hard things under my skin.  I think they’re called muscles.  I can run for about 1.5 min (slower progress there) but earlier this week, I jogged at 5 mph for 5 min without exceeding my target heart rate! (That’s technically an April accomplishment).  For the quarter: disappointed with progress, but possibly being too hard on myself.
  3. Beauty: except for sick days, I continued to do my hair & makeup, though admittedly I’m getting a bit more slack about it.  The dark circles under my eyes aren’t from mascara.  I’ve gotten my morning makeup routine down to ~ 5-7 minutes and my hair even less; I’ve mastered not only straightening but also natural curl.  HECK YEAH!  I’m actually planning a YouTube series on my hair (the trifecta of evil) to try to help others.  HAH.  I have no viewership anyway.  But that new webcam will REALLY help there.
  4. Be nicer to my cat: fail.  I wasn’t mean or anything (at least, not much); I just tormented her while she napped a bit.  Hey, turnabout is fair play.  This quarter, yeah, on average, I’ve spent more time with her on purpose 🙂
  5. What was 5???? Oh, yeah.  Photo-of-the-week.  Yup, check.  That’s up-to-date assuming I find a photo today.
  6. I’m adding one late into the year.  Ric and I are trying to do date night (dinner & a movie) once a month.  So far, reasonably good: January was Sherlock Holmes (see photo); February I don’t know if we saw anything–neither of us can remember, and I think we skipped it because there was honestly nothing we wanted to see.  March, therefore, had two: Journey2 (with Dwayne Johnson) and John Carter.  I should be doing movie reviews of these, and will try to “back post” those 3!

I’ve made good to reasonable progress this quarter.  I can’t believe I’m still sticking with this!  It’s more than I usually manage.  Of course, my goal is to do this ALL year, and I have a neat plan for next year already 🙂  For now, I have other things I need to do this weekend, so I’m outta here.

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