Keeping Resolutions: Halfway there (NOT).

The end of the second quarter is past, and we are now more than halfway through the year.  It’s time for me to check in on the resolutions… and I’ve been avoiding it because I’ve been dreading it.

  1. Financial: savings is wiped out again as usual.  I’m struggling as usual.  I’m working on student loan debt and trying to get that somewhat more under control.  In terms of what I’ve spent on myself personally, it’s fairly small and probably within budget if you don’t count restaurants…   I got a nice tax return this year and used it to pay for seriously overdue dental work (which really ought to fall under physical as well) and… well, I splurged and got a tablet (the Acer A100).
  2. Physical: if there were a wagon, I fell off it.  I’ve regained most of the weight I struggled to lose, despite changing my diet and exercise.  I’ve been struggling with the exercise.  I did a round of prednisone for another inflammatory reaction and it seriously dented my game.  I’m trying to get back on the wagon there but my body keeps arguing—my left hip has hurt so much that getting up and around in the morning has been difficult.  It eases as the day progresses.  It’s seriously time to re-commit to this one, especially the diet part.  I have made serious progress in the cardio department: I can jog at 5.5 mph for 8-9 minutes, and I typically jog 15/30 of my cardio routine.  It’s not easy, but I can do it.  That probably means if I really wanted to, I could run that mile in 10 min or less NOW.  I haven’t lost much ground with the physical strength part, either.  This is my single biggest focus for the remainder of the year.  The summer heat is also changing things; I had to  get shorts and crops for working out, though I did get an outdoor jog in this week!
  3. Beauty: I’m trying. This part isn’t easy either.  I’ve changed out my makeup routine for summer and most days it’s a very lightweight summer look.  How do you keep sunscreen out of your eyes?  I got my hair trimmed in.. uh… May.  Yes.  It did not go well.  Once all the damaged ends were gone, my hair ended up considerably shorter.  I did an at-home keratin treatment and I have to say I love the results—my hair is overall much more manageable.  But I apparently can’t heat-style it as often; I think since the haircut I’ve done so twice—once for a friend’s wedding, and once for the keratin treatment.  I’m still trying to dress better, but without spending money on clothes. That’s also a challenge.
  4. Be nicer to my cat: <evil grin> of course I’ve been nicer to my cat!  In all seriousness, she gets lots of petting, food, and catnip.  Not as much as she would like.
  5. Photo-of-the-week: hmmm.  Fail.  I have not kept up with this.  I do have an update or a few to post, so I’ll work with what I have, but I honestly haven’t been doing this deliberately.  Update: much to my surprise, there is only one week so far this year that does not have a photo. I’ll be a bit easier on myself.

Summary: I’ve made little or no progress realistically since my last quarterly check-in.  I have a lot of reasons and excuses for that in my head, but I’m trying not to go into that here.  Those (above) are the facts.  That’s what is.  Now I have two options: continue the laziness or get back to work.  No excuses, RIGHT?!?

Update from later in the day:

I’ve updated my postings and the Photo of the Week page.  At some point, I really do want to get the additional photo gallery plugins and software working.  I just haven’t done so yet.

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