Keeping Resolutions: February in Review

So here goes:

  1. Financial.  I pulled my $100 cash out for Feb and at the moment I have … <stops and counts> like 42 cents left.  Fine.  In all honesty and fairness, I did actually end up overbudget this month too–a couple of restaurant trips–but closer than last month. I need to get that under control.  BUT, the last lawsuit payment is scheduled for next month… so progress!!!!  I have not overdrafted, I have a (small) buffer in my checking account, and my savings are… well, near zip, but that’s more due to bank fees–I haven’t touched it.  I darned near forgot I had a savings account.  I’d like to start stashing some more in there.
  2. Physical: I kept up my workout goals.  I had 2 days where I think I only got 30 minutes in, but that was my minimum.  There were also 4 days where I was sick. If I have a fever, I shouldn’t be working out.  I do NOT count those days against my goal.  I did acquire workout gloves.  I got my January reward-massage and it was wonderful!  Officially, at this point, I’m down 10 lbs from the start of the year.  Most of me jiggles significantly less.  My interval training has progressed to being able to run at 6 mph for ~1 min without exceeding my target heart rate (which is about to change because I get older this week).  I never did figure out what to do as a Feb reward for making my workout goals… and I met my calorie target goal (1500) for 20/29 days, which earned me a mani-pedi.  Looking forward to that sometime in March.  Maybe Friday?  Also, I went to the dentist for a routine cleaning/x-rays/etc. and my teeth and gums are largely fantastically healthy! YAY!  I love going to the dentist! 😀
  3. Beauty: except for sick days, I continued to do my hair & makeup.  I got a haircut (wow) that was NOT an allowance item (thank goodness), but was worth it.  My haircut rocks. I lost about 3″, which was a major shock for me–it’s shorter than I wanted, but that was the fried portion of my hair.   Whatever she did to my hair transformed it into sleek straightness for a few days.  I did learn that I will need to invest in a new hairdryer and flat iron… sigh.  More $$$$.  Oooh, I did get that one nail polish and makeup brushes.  So that part of the resolutions went quite well.
  4. Be nicer to my cat: overall, I guess I was.  Hard to figure.  I made her a photo-of-the-week because she is just sooo tormented.  You may judge for yourselves.
  5. What was 5???? Oh, yeah.  Photo-of-the-week.  Yup, check.  That is, after I post this week’s picture.

So, I’ve done well this year so far.  It has been more difficult this month, but I managed; I’m sure it’s not going to get easier, either.  I’m not entirely sure what my goals for this next month are… mostly, I guess, to keep on as I have been doing!

One more *VERY* important accomplishment: I am no longer clinically overweight!!! Thanks, Mom!!! 😀 😀 😀

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