Photo of the Week: Week 32

Stray Cat

This week, we had a visitor at home. Meet NotBob. My roommate heard him crying outside for 3 nights or so, and finally mentioned it. As it turns out, the cat is extremely friendly–as in, leapt into laps. He’s a fully intact male around 10 months of age, and he’s pretty vocal. We suspect someone dumped him because he’s hit the yodeling-and-spraying-Tom age.
What’s with the name? That’s an easy one to answer! I needed something to call him other than “cat”–so at one point, I said “OK, c’mere, Bob.” Both the other two people in the household essentially said “No, not Bob!” and so NotBob kind of stuck.
We put food and water out nightly for him, and if he sticks around much longer, we’ll probably end up with a 3rd cat in the household!

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