… she lives in a house with a garden in bloom…

Name that toon/tune! That’s about how my evening went. Bruises are involved. Well, the chicken finally finished roasting. It was quite interesting, in a fairly good way. I love what the leeks from the stuffing did to the meat, and the stuffing turned out great, too! Impressive. I’ll never do stovetop stuffing again. Dinner, therefore, was a reasonable success, though very late. Which did not improve my already poor temper. I have a fairly long-burning fuse, but once it burns out, it’s wise to be… elsewhere.

I finished my grading. I finished the extra credit, filling in zeroes, and making sure I calculated everyone’s grade properly. I downloaded all grades and double checked. I assigned the students to their proper lecture instructor (if known) and prepared the email. I copied and pasted the information from excel to Novell webmail (ewww) for those who have weird Excel issues, and I fixed the spacing problems. I attached the file to the email.
THE CABLEMODEM WENT DOWN. Less than 15 seconds before I would have hit “send” and been done with it.
I lost it. Poor Ric could hear me clear down in the parking lot. A few walls and my bedroom door took some physical abuse. I honestly don’t know why there isn’t a hole in my door; I certainly punched it hard enough. I wanted to put a hole in it. At least I didn’t punch my computer monitor. I’m not normally violent! Just… very… very…stressed about getting those done.
Once the cablemodem was back up, Ric suggested the “try again” button, which seems to have worked. I’m trying to calm down still. It’s now done and SUBMITTED. Whew! Tomorrow, I deal with lecture. Tonight, I try to sleep, so I don’t actually go berserk tomorrow and seriously injure someone.

Dinner’s on

I’m doing something totally new to me for dinner. I am roasting a whole chicken, and I even stuffed it. I’m scared to death to eat the stuffing, of course, but I figure at least once in my life I should try it. I can cook it thoroughly; I have an appropriate meat thermometer and everything. I made the stuffing with homemade (stale) bread cubes (I baked a whole loaf just for that), onion, leeks, garlic, EVOO, and a garlic-herb-red pepper mix. Rather forgot the paprika at the last second, may stir that in after it comes out of the oven. Pinned the cavity closed and the wings in and started the roasting. I will, of course, post a picture when it’s done!

My First Roast Chicken
My First Roast Chicken

Um, yeah. Okay. So the cooking time in the bird said 3 to 3.5 hours, but after about 2 the meat thermometers indicated doneness. However, when carved, the chicken was most obviously NOT done; the juices were NOT clear. And I lost my temper. It’s pretty short already right now, and given the injurious nature of this experiment, it became much shorter much faster. Sigh. I did get a lovely picture before I carved. Did you know that it’s rather difficult to reassemble a carved chicken?

Strange phone call

I was at work today and my cell phone buzzed (on vibrate). It was from “Unavailable,” which is how my parents usually show up. The conversation went as follows:

Me: “Hello?”
Unk: “Hello, may I speak with Ms. Steel?”
Me: “Speaking.”
Unk: “Hello ma’am. Would you be interested in going back to school to get a degree online?”
Me: “Um, NO.”
Unk: “How about in the next three months?”
Me: “I have a Ph.D.”
Unk: “Oh, okay. Thank you, goodbye.”


The Nutcracker

I went and saw the Richmond Ballet perform The Nutcracker. I’m 31, and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen it. Tickets were $20, and although I was almost all the way in the back, the seats were actually okay. Not bad folding chairs. The show? AMAZING. It was SO much fun! Absolutely beautiful choreography, the sets were GORGEOUS, it was just a visual feast! I loved every second of it!

I am going to see Virginia Arts Festival: THE NUTCRACKER (performed by Richmond Ballet) at the Chrysler Hall. Anyone care to join me? Here is my event info: sec: ORCH, row: X, seats: 29-31

I am SO excited! I’m going to the ballet next Saturday evening 🙂 yay!

I am going to see Virginia Arts Festival: THE NUTCRACKER (performed by Richmond Ballet) at the Chrysler Hall. Anyone care to join me? Here is my event info: sec: ORCH, row: X, seats: 29-31.

Virtual Makeover Day

This post is purely about vanity. I came across the best digital makeover site I’ve ever used, so I took a couple of hours (yikes) and generated a whole bunch of red-carpet makeover pictures.  These are hairstyle changes only, not makeup.  Yes, the face is mine, and is a current picture (as of today).  I always wondered what I would look like as a blonde. I can honestly say I don’t think it suits me at all, but it was worthwhile to satisfy my curiosity and play digital dress-up.  So there are three categories:

It’s a lot to go through!  I had fun.  Want to do the same? I used Real Beauty.com and, later, tried InStyle, which actually allowed me to specify my eye shape and stuff. Facial recognition software has come a long way.

Loss and New Beginnings

I’ve had my poor little blog for less than two weeks, and I lost my database entries–which means all my posts. And some of them I rather liked. So I am having to start from scratch, which I am less than thrilled about. However, my host, FatCow, has the BEST tech support I could ever dream of. My site had been rolled back within 5 minutes of the request. Unfortunately, the SQL database that stores the actual posts did not have a backup.

So, what things had I blogged about before now? General intro, which I will now have to re-create (and I hate trying to write short descriptions of myself), how we weathered the November 2009 Nor’Easter, Thanksgiving, gratitude, and simplicity. I will generally TRY to reincorporate the things I’ve lost, but I am NOT going to try to rewrite those particular posts; it’s a zen thing.

I didn’t notice the world ending, or anything exploding, and it made me very quickly get a plugin to back up that database! Another post coming tonight that is totally unrelated. This morning. Whatever.