Living out Loud: All in the Family

The Storm

A Short Collection of Poems

Written for my Family


To my family—

Though I see each of you in a different light, you have all taught

Me a deep and fundamental appreciation

Of nature

And the thunderstorm

Though storms will rise and fade,

You remain with me

And each thunderstorm

Brings me closer to you


Dear Dad—

I remember

When I was a little girl

Before we moved away

How we used to sit outside on the porch

And watch the lightning

Dance across the sky.

Tonight, I have moved back

And you are not here

But I sit outside my door

And marvel at the raw power

As the lightning splits the night sky

Bright bursts

Pure white light

Illuminating the ghostly trails of

Low clouds as they rise

Through the sky


As the thunder shakes the ground below me.

I love to watch the thunderstorms, dad

It reminds me of you

And the happy times of childhood

So long ago—

When we sat on the porch

And watched the lightning dance.

Thank you

For this gift.

Dear Mom—

Tonight I am farther away from you

Than I’ve ever really felt—

But I can feel you here with me.

The same storm rolls through the sky

The rain pours in torrents

Running off the roof in great founts

The lightning flickers across the sky

Freezing life for a moment

The delicate crystal raindrops hanging in the

Darkened sky

Are beautiful.

They are you, bringing nourishment and life

To all they touch

In an infinitely dynamic beauty—

Ever changing.

Each raindrop

Leaving its own unique

And irrevocable, yet gentle mark

On the life it touches.

Thank you

For being my rain.

Dear Grandpa—

Years ago—

I was seven, I think

You asked me what thunder was.

I didn’t know then

That the rolling, booming sound

Was the sound of lightning

And the raw energy release

Of nature.

It is that energy of mind

And thirst of knowledge

That I remember best about you.

Whenever thunder thrums across the sky—

I remember you.

Thank you

For teaching me

The science of the storm.

Christina D. Steel

06 June 2001

Ó All rights reserved.

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