The Breakfast Search, part 1

I don’t know how this began, but Ric and I have developed a habit of going out for breakfast on Saturday mornings.  I can explain how and why this started to some extent.  Neither of us are morning people.  I am rarely hungry when I wake up.  I want COFFEE and then I want the world to leave me alone for an hour while I caffeinate.

We were eating at a Denny’s until it closed a few months ago.  We started eating at a local restaurant, Cagney’s, instead.  The food there was plain, and simple.  Basic.  Nothing fancy.  Seasonings were minimal.  But they did pretty good breakfasts for pretty good prices, and we got to know the servers.  Where else can you watch a model train run around the restaurant?

And then, last weekend, it closed.

So now we must find a new place for breakfast.

This weekend we tried our first new contender and established our ground rules for what we’re looking for.

  1. The place must serve breakfast on Saturday mornings.
  2. We’re not driving too awfully far.  If it takes 20 minutes or more to get there, it’s not happening.
  3. Ric will do a basic eggs-sausage-toast (or similar) at each restaurant.  Eating the same (or nearly the same) dish allows us to compare food quality across restaurants.
  4. I will order the restaurant’s special if they have one.  I’m adventurous about food.  This will allow us to compare variety across restaurants.
  5. No chain restaurants will be assessed  (sorry, no IHOP/Denny’s).  We want to support & promote local restaurants.
  6. We will take photos and review our meals, including prices.

I’ll link to his posts as he puts up his thoughts about the meals.

We are not being paid or compensated for doing this–we just want to try a few places and find a good place to get a good breakfast!

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