Keeping Resolutions, Week 1

In my last post, I set 5 resolutions.  It’s week one.  I’m not going to post weekly updates, but I plan to check in this week (1), week 2 (next week), week 4, and monthly thereafter.  It will help hold me accountable.

  1. Financial: I set myself a $100 allowance.  This doesn’t cover necessities (deodorant, for example, can come out of my primary budget, as do gas, groceries, and cat food), but any restaurant trips, makeup, impulse stuff, movies, etc. have to come out of this allowance.  Secondly, my Visa checkcard does not go everywhere with me anymore.  Gas and grocery days only.  It’s more restrictive than I thought.
  2. Physical: I set a goal of going to the gym a minimum of 5 days a week.  This week, I succeeded!  Boy, was I sore!  I watched what I ate and logged it using MyFitnessPal.  I lost a whopping 1 pound, which doesn’t seem worth it for the amount of physical work and soreness.  I don’t care.  I’m going to keep at it; I can still make my target weight in under a year at that rate!  Also, I took my vitamins daily (something I’m bad at remembering to do).
  3. Beauty: I did my hair and makeup all week.  I medicated my rosacea spot.  I have a separate post about my first trip to Sephora!
  4. Be nicer to my cat: check.  I’ve made a deliberate effort to pet her more and feel annoyed slightly less.  This one truly is silly–she already has me wrapped around her little paw!
  5. Project for me… um…. you know, it’s hard to find one thing that you really liked in a week. I  did this week.  See additional post.  So, check there too.

All in all, not bad.  I’m not quite thrilled, and the semester starts TOMORROW, and it’s going to be very difficult to keep up with the hair and makeup issue because I’ll have to get up earlier. I am NOT a morning person.

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