Keeping Resolutions: January in Review

  1. Financial: I set myself a $100 allowance.  FAIL.  I may have been 2.5X that.  In fairness, some of those expenditures were for a stockpile of makeup that will probably last the rest of my life, and while that’s an investment, it still exceeded my budget.  However, I have paid bills, and I’m NOT BROKE.  It’s a nice feeling.  I’m just scared I won’t be able to pay rent at the beginning of NEXT month, so I’m hoarding a LOT.  This is still WAY under what I normally seem to blow through.  I need to decide if goal-rewards come out of this allowance. I know they should, but part of the idea was to have some $ to actually work TOWARDS those goals, too–like being able to try a new makeup item, or buy a skirt, or get a coffee or dinner & a movie.  And $100 doesn’t go that far in today’s world… one massage will use up $70 including tip.  My grocery costs have NOT been counting against this allowance… there’s no way I’d make it 2 weeks.  Eating healthy costs a lot more.  Bonus, though, I’m not wasting my produce!  It gets eaten!
  2. Physical: I set a goal of going to the gym a minimum of 5 days a week.  HOLY CRAP I succeeded!  I went 5 or 6 days a week EVERY week.  I’m seeing progress–I’ve increased the weights I’m lifting (twice, in some cases) and the cardio machines have to work me a LOT harder to keep my heart rate in the target zone (now I have a lot more incline/resistance/speed than I started with) PLUS I’ve started doing interval jogs–2 min walk, 1 min jog.  I met my 1500-calorie goal 82% of the time (14/17 days from when I started seriously tracking it). I’ve lost maybe 5 lbs, and I’m bitterly disappointed by that, but I have to pull up my pants a lot more!  As a reward, I was mentally promising myself a massage if I did it.  I earned my reward… but I have to wait for enough $ to get the massage.  I will, though!  I also need some weight-lifting gloves.  I’m getting calluses.  I have eaten more veggies, beans, etc. and a LOT less fast food (Ok, I got a salad at McDonald’s yesterday).  Although I’m not exactly happy with the scale, I must call this part of my resolutions TOTAL SUCCESS so far.  I think my body is remodelling… it jiggles less… but even the measurements haven’t changed much (I think I have consistency issues there).
  3. Beauty: I did my hair and makeup every single workday of the month.  See video below.  EVERY single day.  Was it worth it? I don’t know.  I acquired a lifetime supply of my favourite makeup (thanks, Mom!), and I’ve gotten better at some aspects of application.  Plus, the foundation primer finally got replaced with something that’s not dribbly! (The original formulation of Laura Mercier’s stuff is MUCH better).  On tap for this month in terms of things to try or get: one nail polish to acquire, and I could use some makeup brushes.  I’ve thought about keratin for my hair, but the at-home stuff seems risky.  I want to try to find a perfume that I like (that isn’t Chanel No.5).
  4. Be nicer to my cat: check.  Yeah, yeah… she’s adorable.  And oddly not in my way at the moment!
  5. Photo-of-the-week project: Yup!  See relevant posts.
Overall, 4/5 isn’t bad, especially for a start.

NOTE: That’s every day since JANUARY 2nd!  Oops.

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