Plated meal: Roasted Quail with Balsamic Quince and Smashed Potatoes

This last week we did our Plated meal rather late.  We spotted this meal on and we all drooled.  I mean, QUAIL!  Come on!  But the weekend it came was right after I had surgery and I wasn’t up to cooking, so we stored it and waited until the next weekend.  In addition, one of our household was traveling and wasn’t home for Sunday night dinner, so we postponed to Monday night.

The Results

It’s quail. It was delicious, of course!  In al seriousness, though, the mustard and rosemary on the quail actually overpowered the flavor of the little birds somewhat.  I’ve only tried working with quince one other time and I didn’t like it then.  These had about the consistency of apples, but after cooking in the balsamic vinegar, they were surprisingly sweet.  I really enjoyed this particular side dish and would definitely do it again.  The smashed potatoes weren’t really stellar either–they were just plain-tasting potatoes (but I did like them with the rosemary mustard, so that kind of got redistributed quickly as I ate).  Overall, this meal had a huge amount of promise but it didn’t quite live up to my expectations.  I’d order it again in a heartbeat though (quail!), and just modify the cooking a bit.  Yum!

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