Plated Meal on Halloween: Tostones with Spiced Beans and Rice

Last week, I posted the unboxing video for this meal.  I won’t re-post that; you can check it out if you missed it.  I held onto the plantains because they generally keep fairly well (we kept them away from our other produce).  By Friday, I finally felt up to cooking again and the plantains definitely needed to be used.

It was a strange experience for me to pour that much oil into a pan and fry something, mash it flat, and then fry it again.  I suppose since I’m from the South I should love that, but I didn’t grow up with a lot of fried foods.  However, I absolutely love, love, LOVE fried plantains.

As you can see, my tostones are somewhat overcooked.  Burnt.  I did say I’m not used to frying things in that much oil!  Also, I have an electric stove.  The instructions said to heat the oil over medium-high heat, so I set the burner to a 7/10.  I was supposed to cook the slices for about a minute per side.  After the first side, I reduced the heat to about a 6 and cooked them maybe 40 seconds per side, with a lot less burning.

The spiced beans and rice were quite tasty and I may have leftovers tonight.  Yes, it’s Sunday, which means I should have a new meal–and I will be cooking one–but I don’t know which yet!  The new post(s) are coming soon!


And yes, I love my Halloween dinnerware.  It’s supposed to glow in the dark (it doesn’t anymore though).

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