Plated Meal: Asian Duck Tacos and Apple Crisp with Spiced Pecans

We’ve continued ordering meals since my first post about Plated.  In fact, I’ve put up unboxing videos on my YouTube channel for all of the meals (feel free to catch up if you really want to).

This week, we opted to try something really different.  We’ve had fish, chicken, and steak aplenty from Plated, but we hadn’t seen duck before!  I wondered if this would taste like Peking duck did when I was young.  It was also our first dessert order from Plated.


The result?  Oh, yes, it tasted absolutely DIVINE.  The pickled cucumber side dish was an interesting complement, but the duck completely stole the show.  I will have dreams about this meal.  It was not difficult to prepare; the duck breast was seasoned with salt and pepper and Chinese five-spice blend (which I would not have thought to use on meat), pan-seared and then roasted through.  Absolutely, utterly delicious.  Completely worth the burns I got from grabbing the fresh-from-the-oven handle of my pan without a mitt.


The apple crisp, on the other hand, was something of a disappointment.  There wasn’t really enough cinnamon-sugar seasoning to suit us (easy to remedy) and the topping was more mush than crisp. I tried to improve that slightly by switching to broil for a few minutes, and ended up with burnt.  I did like the spiced pecans, which were tossed with chili powder and then oven roasted for a  few minutes.  The chili powder didn’t stick well, so maybe toss with a bit of butter or oil AND the chili powder, but great flavor on that part.  The vanilla ice cream was an attempt to rescue the burnt, and was not very successful.

I’d rather have had more duck.

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