Photo of the Week: Week 42

Tamago-yaki & Oshiruko

There IS a story behind the food.  My coworker’s 10th anniversary (of employment with the McDaniel Institute of Anti-Aging Research) was this week.  We held a potluck (per his request).  I knew that the boss’s wife would be providing sushi from his favourite restaurant, and I wanted to provide something that could go with it that more of our staff would be willing to try (i.e. no raw fish/seafood).  I opted for tamago because it’s egg-based (which rules out the vegan employee, sorry, man), and a traditional Japanese dessert-Oshiruko.  I remember the dessert from the first Japanese restaurant I ever encountered it in.  I was curious so I ordered it, and I was really surprised to see a bean soup (this is not something Americans would think of).  I tried it and I loved it, and I’ve always remembered it.  This was my first attempt at making it!  Other than needing to make the mochi rice balls smaller, it was GREAT.

Unfortunately, I also learned that crock pots with stuff in don’t transport well.  Half of the sweet, sticky bean soup ended up in the floorboards of my Yaris.  EW!

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