Easter Dinner

Easter Dinner

Well, I said I don’t really “do” Easter.  The easter egg placemats–that’s totally just all my roommate.

I was actually feeling irritable that evening and wanted to do something as far from Easter as I could, so I picked up a pork loin.  I soaked some apricots in white wine and the pork loin in orange juice, salt, and pepper, then stuffed the pork loin and roasted it.  With that, I had roasted brussels sprouts (which I’ve discovered I love.  I HATE boiled brussels sprouts, though.).  Carrots: fairly traditional, but they were not the original intent.  I think I was planning a salad with this, but the lettuce had gone… squooshy.  Ew.  So these were still in the fridge and needed to be used.  Finally, homemade biscuits (Clabber Girl baking powder can version).

Overall–very yummy!

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