The Terrifying Fate of Curly Girls vs. Beachy Wave Tutorial

A while back, I found this lovely video on YouTube featuring Davines products. I actually do use and love their products.  They generally do a great job taming my naturally curly hair.  In fact, I have liter-sized bottles of Davines LOVE shampoo and conditioner, the OI hair oil, and even their LOVE curl crème.

Imagine, therefore, my joy at finding hair tutorials on their YouTube channel!

I merrily watched this one on how to create beachy waves:

The process seemed simple and straightforward.  It looked like an interesting technique, especially using a paddle brush to work product through hair.  To summarize:

  1. Start with blow-dried or towel dried hair.  I opted for towel-dried.
  2. Using a paddle brush, work the curl moisturizing mousse from roots to tip. I didn’t have their mousse; I used the BIOTERA Alcohol-Free Styling Mousse from Sally’s Beauty Supply.
  3. Brush hair back.  Flip over, brush roots straight up to maximize volume.  Okayyyy… this usually doesn’t go so well…
  4.  While inverted, apply their Sea Salt Spray using a swiping technique.  Here, I used the Captain Blankenship Mermaid Mane Sea Salt Hair Spray (sample from Birchbox a long time ago).
  5. Brush and gather hair on top of head; secure with elastic.  Easy peasy.
  6. Brush ponytail smooth, use standard LOOSE 3-strand braid.  I kept this VERY loose.  The strands barely crossed each other.  Gentlest braid I’ve ever done.
  7. Wrap into soft bun and secure with a couple of u-pins.  Okay, I don’t really have u-pins.  I used one Goody SpinPin.  Again, kept it very loose.
  8. Wait 10 minutes (depending on how damp your hair was).  I covered my hair with a microfiber TurbieTwist to protect it and slept with it that way. My hair takes FOREVER to dry. Next morning, it looked undisturbed.
  9. Remove u-pins, unwrap braid, let it down.  The video shows fluffing the hair, flipping it over and softly rubbing at the roots to soften the texture.  Bad idea, man, bad idea….
  10. Gather hair back into natural fall using hands as rakes.  Tweak hair part and finishing touches.  I’m supposed to what now?! My hair looks NOTHING like the tutorial at this point.  See photographic evidence below: a screenshot from the video, and my results…
Results from Done with Davines 4 YouTube tutorial.





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