Product Review: Halo Beauty Supplements Day 0 (Unboxing)

Initial thoughts

I purchased the Halo Beauty supplements on March 2, 2018 (the day they launched).  They arrived by mail on March 15, and I will begin taking them on March 25.

The intent of this project is to look at the science of skincare behind the ingredients and to evaluate the efficacy of the product (within limits; I’m one person).  I will endeavor to keep many things as consistent as possible throughout this project, including nutrition, hydration, activity, and skincare routine.

There are a few things I cannot evaluate.  For example, I have premature greying so I color my hair at this point.  I will not be able to tell if this has any hormonal impact, as I also have premature ovarian failure and I’m not getting bloodwork done for this.

I will, however, post weekly updates and photos!

What am I worried about?

Two things immediately spring to mind.

  1. I know that I cannot take my daily multivitamin on an empty stomach (i.e. in the morning) so I am concerned that the B vitamins in this supplement might cause some nausea.  Updates on Day 1 after taking the supplement..
  2. I have a known sensitivity to Vitamin D.  Too much, and my skin erupts into pustules.  It’s an actual allergy and it’s uncommon.  This supplement, combined with my daily multivitamin, will double my vitamin D intake.  I guess we’ll wait and see!

The Routine

Nutrition: 1700 kcal/day; no more than 1 alcoholic beverage/day.  Will continue taking magnesium supplement and daily multivitamin as well as 2 prescriptions.

Hydration: monitoring using my Spark 2.0 water bottle (gift from a friend!); this typically seems to vary from 48-72 fl. oz. per day (6-9 glasses).

Activity: 30 min walk + daily Yoga with Adriene (these are generally around 20-40 minutes).

AM Skincare: wash in shower (Philosophy body wash), Shiseido Ultimune serum, Liz Earle Eye Bright, 100% Pure coffee bean caffeine eye cream, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer liquid SPF 70.

PM Skincare: Neutrogena eye makeup remover (as needed), Liz Earle cleanse & polish hot cloth cleanser, Liz Earle Instant Boost skin tonic, Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturizer.

Weekly: exfoliation with Tatcha Polished gentle rice enzyme powder, face mask (user’s choice), Sunday Riley Tidal brightening enzyme water cream.

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