Background Research: Halo Beauty Supplements

It seems odd to have to define how I’m doing my research on the ingredients in Halo Beauty, but I prefer to be thorough.  These are the basic rules and procedures that I am using for EVERY active ingredient listed in the product.

I chose to search in three places.  The first is a specific journal-the Journal of Investigative Dermatology (JID).  This journal is published by the Nature Publishing Group and is generally considered to be a very high-quality journal, probably the top journal in the field for dermatology research.  I also searched the PubMed database created and maintained by the National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health.  This database generally indexes research of a medical nature and is usually my first stop.  Finally, I searched with Google Scholar, which is the most broadly-based search engine but still focused on journals and patents.  I kept the search terms the same for each component of the Halo Beauty supplement.  Although numbers of results from each search are provided as a guide, they include the results that are not specific (for example, when searching for Vitamin C, many articles were for vitamin D or other unrelated terms).  These articles were not evaluated.  Search results often included research on varying skin conditions, which were also excluded: I wanted to focus on relatively normal, healthy skin and issues that affect everyone: aging and sunburn for example.

I have access to University libraries, including journal subscriptions and databases. If I was not able to obtain the full text of a particular article in a timely manner, I will not discuss that article because I have not been able to actually look at the data and results, so it is not fair for me to draw conclusions based on work I cannot see. I will not provide or discuss results based on reading an abstract alone.

In doing this research, I set a timer for one hour for each ingredient to give each equal time.  This did not include time to write the summaries or record videos.

If I refer to significance, I am specifically referring to statistical significance. I did not take the required time to judge whether the statistical tests were appropriate for the study design.

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