Healthy Moments Challenge Day 1

Today’s challenge was to take a picture of yourself from the front, back, and sides.  Semi-fortunately, I actually had to do this for another challenge as well (waste not, want not).

I realize these aren’t the most attractive pictures of me.  They’re not intended to be.  They’re documentation only; yes, I’m just wearing a sports bra and shorts.  No, I’m not good at taking photos of myself on a wobbly tripod with a remote trigger for my phone.  On the very good side, though, this is me, already down 20 lbs from where I started this year, and definitely seeing PROGRESS!

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    1. Rania: Right now, I’m using the FitGirlsGuide workouts and will be for the next 28 days. In addition to that, I walk 10,000 steps per day and make sure that I get in at least a 5k continuous walk or jog (even if that puts me over 10,000 steps). I’m increasing my jogging speed by 0.2 mph per week to try to hit my running goal!

      1. Hey Christina, If I were you (i am giving you this because I’ve tried it and tested it and have finally achieved the body I’Ve always wanted), I’d give this a try or at least check it out (because I have and in 2 weeks dropped 6 pounds…it’s free…and my body usually does not drop or gain weight easily so to have this done and stay off was amazing): (btw I am not affiliated with them. I just like to provide insight as to what I know works). Hope it helps 🙂

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