Car Accident: not a Healthy Moment

Some days are not made of win. Today was one of those days. It was the last day of classes for the semester. I dressed up. I then proceeded to have a car accident in my parking lot. I’m fine, and the damage to my car should be all repairable, but that still causes me to feel stressed. I don’t like feeling like I did something wrong. I don’t like feeling like I wasn’t cautious enough.

I left my apartment this morning and as usual scanned the parking lot for others getting into their cars to leave.  It looked empty… or I was oblivious. I got in, started my car, checked my mirrors and over my shoulder, and started backing out. I checked the front to make sure I was clear of the neighboring cars to turn. And then… CRUNCH. Followed by that unexpected stopping and that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Just before the impact, I saw the other car traveling straight back in reverse.  I didn’t have time to react.  I don’t know how I didn’t see it, but my car is the size of a pregnant roller skate. Maybe the cars next to mine blocked my view just enough. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but I thought I was. Maybe shit just happens.

Nobody was injured, but we called the police. It took 2.5 hours… which is very unusual. About 45 minutes after we reported the accident, a police car drove through the parking lot but didn’t notice us. We tried to flag it down to no avail. Apparently, though, there had been a separate accident at the same intersection where I live, and the dispatchers thought ours was a duplicate report.  Since the incident occurred on private property, there was no police report or assignation of fault. They provided us with copies of the information exchange forms for insurance purposes.

The first question GEICO asked was whether I was okay. Yes, I’m completely fine. Was I sure? Yes. Nobody else involved was injured.  Can I just say that my experience filing this claim was as painless as possible?! They asked a bunch of questions about what happened. I was totally honest. They decided it was my fault. I’m oddly okay with that, because the other person’s situation really was incredible: they were already driving  a rental because they’d had a recent accident and their car was in for repair. It would have been financially devastating for them to have to fight a claim with a rental company.  GEICO is handling everything.  Since this was my neighbor, I called them after I submitted photos of the damage and a copy of the police information exchange form; GEICO had already contacted them and told them they were covering the incident.  I’m very happy that my neighbor is relieved and will have less to worry about.

“But you’re not supposed to admit fault!” Yes, I was taught this. I’m not positive that there was fault or that I did something wrong, but my car (thus me) hit the other car. That’s why I have insurance. My car will be repaired, also on my insurance, and the world won’t end.

I’m still upset and stressed. This was my first new car. But it’s minor damage (my tail lights still work and everything).  Having to cancel my classes for the day wasn’t the end of the earth.

So today I drowned my sorrows in National Cookie Day comfort and an Espresso Martini (guest post coming soon!). I skipped my workout and napped with a fuzzy, comforting kitten. I did NOT make a workout jar. Otherwise, though, I stayed on my diet plan and called today a wash.  Here’s to imperfection!

Jolie kept me company after my accident.  Note the happy kitty grin.  She doesn't curl up with me often!
Jolie kept me company after my accident. Note the happy kitty grin. She doesn’t curl up with me often!

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  1. While I’m not happy to hear about the car accident, I am happy to hear that you are okay. Sometimes we have to let life situations take over and get back to our goals later!

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