Halo Beauty Supplements: Week 4 FINAL RESULTS

Week 4 was fraught with more technological issues than anticipated, and was thus delayed 3 weeks in posting! Yikes!

The end results of this experiment you can see below.  I’ve included images of my hair (so grey) and my nails.  In this fourth week, I received a few compliments on my skin–which rarely if ever happens.  I was thrilled in my little vain feminine heart.  However, there have been issues that might represent side effects that make me slightly less enthusiastic about continuing.  Ultimately, I’ve decided to next to a 30-day wash-out period during which I keep everything consistent, but stop taking the Halo Beauty supplements.  At the end of the 30 days, Ric has kindly agreed to create a composite photo set with Day 0, Day 28, and Day 58.  If we cannot tell the difference in a randomly-ordered set of images, then the supplements had no impact.  If one image stands out as better or improved, and it corresponds to the Day 28 photo, that represents evidence that the supplements work and that there were noticeable improvements in my skin.

I will not be posting weekly updates during the wash-out month; they don’t appear to be necessary and mean increased work at the end of the semester when I honestly cannot afford to take more time to blog.

Hair and nail images do not contain before photos; for hair, you are seeing approximately 8 weeks of regrowth.  Thus, the midline of the grey represents the dividing line before and after Halo Beauty supplementation.  My nails grow approximately 1 mm per week (fairly normal rate) and the attached nail bed portion on my index fingers are 11 mm in length; thus, the half centimeter or so nearest the cuticle represents the portion of my nail grown with Halo Beauty.  In the meantime: here are the 4-week progress shots: